How it Works

1. Calculating your Max Loan Guarantee

You yourself and/or a variety of service centres can use our max loan calculator to generate your max loan guarantee. This is integral to our process, but no worries it's super easy to use! All you need is some basic info about your vehicle and you can either:

1. Calculate your max loan right here on our site and we will email you a guarantee code that you can take to any Service Center


2. Go to a Service Center, and request that you want to use our service and they will start the process for you

2. Service Centre Receives Guarantee

The service centre will input the Max Loan guarantee and work to be done along with some necessary info from the customer. At this point a GPS will be installed

If you have questions about the GPS please go to our FAQ page or contact us.

3. We Fund the Service Center up to your Max Loan Amount

After finalizing everything with the Service Centre we will fund the Service Center and your loan with us will begin. Our goal is to quickly get your vehicle running so you can get back on the road soon as possible.

4. Optimized Communications and Support

We will update you and remind you of your loan payments through SMS & email for your convenience. You will also be able to keep track of loan payments, change info, track your vehicle, all through our online portal.

5. Closing Your Loan

Once you have paid off your loan we will hand over the GPS access to you. You can also have the option for a service centre remove and recycle the GPS for you