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Over six thousand loans have been issued to customers like yours


That’s how many service centres work with Driver Capital all across Canada to help their customers get back to their day


We’ve offered over $125,000,000 in 
Max Loan guarantees

No-credit-check financing

Run your business, not after payments. Because our financing is guaranteed towards the value of a vehicle, not credit scores, you and your customers get instant peace of mind.

Get paid, the same day

Park invoice payments into your bank account, fast. There is no risk to you and no recourse if your customer defaults. You’re guaranteed payment for the repair, and unlike a credit card, we don’t charge merchant fees.1

Promote products with a low price tag

Start the conversation with a low monthly payment. Your customers are guaranteed a Max Loan amount of $500-$10,000 within seconds, which can then be turned into small installments for up to 3-years.

Bonus: no penalty for early payouts.

Online with
Digital Assets

In-store with
Promotional Materials

Calculate Max Loan Amount in Seconds

No credit checks means a 100% approval rate for your customers.2

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How our auto repair financing works

Get rid of paper contracts, cameras and computers! All you’ll need is a tablet with our app to help you quickly and easily process loans.

Step 1
Calculate the Loan Amount

Share the vehicle information and get your customers Max Loan guarantee.

Step 2
Submit Customer Information

Take photos of your customer’s vehicle and scan documents to auto-populate information and collect a signature. Then hit submit!

Step 3
Get Paid for Service Order

We’ll deposit the payment for the invoice directly to your bank account, even within the same day.1

See how vehicle repair loans will increase your revenue

Your shop’s work orders

Your current work order revenue = $0 Monthly / $0 Yearly

Revenue using Driver Capital





The numbers in this calculator are for sample purposes only. The numbers above assume that half of the quotes written in a month are not fulfilled due to poor credit and reflect the amount you could be capturing if you fulfilled 50% of the work orders that don’t get processed.
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Hear what others have to say about integrating Driver Capital with their services.

Driver Capital drastically improved our ability to maneuver through the current economic climate while growing revenue. Their unique platform, combined with the friendly and intelligent on-call team has changed our business permanently. Thank you, Driver Capital!

Sean J.

At the rate our customers are using Driver Capital financing we are on pace to do $250,000 in DC financed sales in our first year of offering it. That is a quarter-million dollars of sales we would not have seen. We would recommend Drive Capital to any automotive service centre!

Harry and Sukhi

It is hard to summarize the appreciation we have for Driver Capital without writing a 3-page essay…except to say Driver Capital has funded in excess of $10,000,000.00 to our small auto group.

Trevor D.
Managing Partner

The tablet that we received when we signed up is super easy to use, we get approvals in 5 mins. We know exactly what the customer needs to get approved and have done over $500,000 in finance deals since we signed up.

Jerimia C.

Wow! Extra sales we wouldn’t have had if not for your service. Excellent!

Christopher G.
Service Director

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