Financing that puts you in the driver’s seat

We believe everyone should have access to a vehicle that operates safely and that financing should be available to those that need it. Giving you the power to choose.

With Driver Capital, you can ditch the credit check and hit the road

Technology rides shotgun

To make our loan application process fast and simple, we leverage technology to instantly provide a maximum loan amount. Our criteria for approval is straightforward making the process predictable and consistent.

Let’s talk, neighbour!

Our headquarters are located in a small town with strong community values. Values like humanity, and respect. It’s what makes us different, easy to work with and talk to.

People, not credit scores

We believe in people, not credit scores. That’s why we’ve introduced the concept of social lending. Social lending means doing what’s right, removing barriers and empowering people to get funding when they need it.

Let’s grow together

If there’s anything we can do to help you succeed, let us know. Just connect to our online portal, share your thoughts, and we’ll hit the road running for a solution.

Proven track record

We’ve partnered with over 250+ service centres all across Canada to provide over $125 million in Max Loan guarentees to Canadian drivers - that’s over 6,000 loans!

Fair and transparent

We believe everything should be simple, including the terms. That’s why we made ours refreshingly straightforward, to help you secure financing and get you the money you need the same day.

We’ve turbocharged the loan process

No credit check required means a 100% approval rate 1

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