We are a financial technology company that gives loans to people who rely and depend on their car, with no credit checks.

Approximately 25% of the repair quotes written by Auto Service Centres are not acted upon because the customer can’t afford the repair currently.

We understand and we strive to resolve this issue! We have developed custom made, innovative technologies that help communicate and make the process as easy as possible. You can calculate an estimate right on our site and get your car fixed at a location in a time span as short 24 hours! If you need help, we are there to loan you a hand.


Having to repair your vehicle can be stressful. We are a team of caring people that understand how it's very difficult when you have nowhere else to turn and we want to help. We want to be able to support you in your time of need when no one else can.


Support can only go so far. Our service is founded on the principle of helping those who are in a tough situation, but we want to give you the opportunity to get yourself back on your feet. That is why we have a no credit check policy! We want to take away the burdens of applications and all the wait times so you can get back to what’s important.


We have developed custom made software & technologies that help make everything a stress free reality. With these technologies you are able to have more control over your situation; we are able to communicate with you in the most convenient way possible, and all of this in the most optimized way possible.