Same day, no credit check financing for vehicle repairs and accessories

If you need vehicle parts or car service but don't have the immediate funds to pay for it, take advantage of a monthly payment plan using the value of your vehicle through our financing partner, Driver Capital.

It’s easy to get started! Add your basic vehicle information to our calculator and we’ll send you an email with your Max Loan Guarantee.

How Driver Capital auto repair financing works

Step 1Calculate Your Max Loan

All you need is your vehicle information and you can either:

a. Calculate your Max Loan amount on our site using the calculator above and we will email you a guarantee code that you can bring in on your next service


b. Once here at the dealership request Driver Capital financing to pay for your service order and we will start the process for you

Step 2Submit Customer Information

Your service advisor will input the Max Loan Guarantee code and work to be done along with some additional information from you.

Step 3Service Your Vehicle

After finalizing the details, Driver Capital provides the funds to the service centre and your loan with Driver Capital starts. At this point, we begin servicing your vehicle and a GPS system may be installed.

Step 4Ongoing Communication and Support

Driver Capital will send friendly reminders of your loan payments through SMS. You’ll also be able to manage loan payments and track your vehicle through the customer portal.

Let us handle the pains of dealing with your vehicle's repairs so you can get back on the road and to what matters to you most.


Over ten thousand loans have been issued to customers like you


That’s how many service centres use Driver Capital as their preferred financing option


We’ve offered over $200,000,000 in 
Max Loan guarantees

No-credit-check financing

Because our financing is guaranteed towards the value of your vehicle, not credit score, you’ll get the money you need without jumping through hoops.

Zero to approved in seconds

Get approved up to $10,000 fast with a guaranteed Max Loan that you can use the same day, with no penalties for early payouts.

Payment options that fit

Repairs, maintenance, accessories. Use your loan your way, right down to how you make your payments. Rest easy with smaller monthly installments for up to 3-years, all with competitive interest rates.

We’ve turbocharged the loan process

No credit checks means a 100% approval rate 1

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Hear what others have to say about using Driver Capital loans.

I received the letter for the Lien release on my 2016 Ram that I wrote off! Thank you for helping me out this month with all the texts and emails for this loan that I had questions with! Appreciate you having patience with me to pay this loan off even though the vehicle was written off a while ago! Thank you!

Remigiusz D.
Tires & Suspension

Thank you very much. You guys have been great to work with and I have very much appreciated that you send the monthly reminders. Thank you very much for everything, especially being so efficient and quick to respond.

Connie N.

I need to send a huge thank you to Driver Capital for really giving great service to me throughout my loan. They worked with me when Covid hit hard and provided me with some great options with my loan. Definitely a huge help and great customer care!

Jeff A.
Wheels & Tires

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